Environment Policy

We feel passionately about our impact on the Fenland Waterways. We are trying to be as careful as we can. There are days we fail. There are things we know we can do better and we are working on. If you have any suggestions we will be delighted to hear from you. Either talk to us directly or put your suggestions on our guest feedback forms.

So that you can have a flavour of what we are trying to do we have listed below how we strive to reduce our waste, pollution, carbon impact and environmental impact:

  • We encourage wildlife into our marina
  • Your boat is cleaned with environmentally friendly products (less pollution)
  • Environmentally friendly washing up liquid and other cleaning products are provided for your use
  • Your water is heated as a by product of the engine cooling system thus saving on gas
  • Your laundry is washed with environmentally friendly products in an energy efficient machine
  • During the warmer months you laundry is line dried
  • Since 2003 we have been installing engines with lower carbon emissions
  • We have recycling facilities for glass, paper, cardboard, plastic bottles and tins
  • For customers booking online their welcome information is available online when making the booking

If you want to join us:

  • We invite you to switch off your lights when you are not using them
  • We invite you to use water with care. This will also mean less time spent refilling your tank
  • You are also invited to turn your television off at the mains when your are not using it so that the little red light switches off

The power comes from the batteries on board your boat – these however are charged from the mains supply at the marina before your arrival. So your savings do help.

  • Watch your speed and wash – bank erosion is serious not to mention the distress caused to the wildlife living on the water’s edge