River Nene

Connects East England to UK waterways

The River Nene is an important river connecting the east of England to the rest of the UK waterway network. As one of the quieter rivers, the Nene is a great place for a relaxing boating or fishing trip. It’s also an ideal place to get active with lots of opportunities for canoeing, kayaking and countryside cycling.

narrowboating & boating guide to Nene river

boating guide to Nene river

Top Attractions

Peterborough cathedral

Fotheringhay church

Ferry meadows country park (Nene Park trust website)

Fox Routes

fox narrowboat holiday routes

Route 3 – River Nene – March to Ferry Meadows (Peterborough)
Route 4 – River Nene – Ferry Meadows (Peterborough) to Fotheringhay

Other Websites

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