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Fox Boats is run by Paula Syred and Tracey Baxter, who are the daughters of Charlie Fox, the man who founded Fox Boats in 1952. They have a team of 7 dedicated staff, who love to help people have amazing holidays and day trips on the waterways in Cambridgeshire. Before putting the staff in the spotlight, we decided it was only fair to turn the spotlight on Paula and Tracey, and to share more about them!

Favourite thing about running Fox Boats:

P: Meeting so many different people from around the world when they visit the UK for a canal holiday adventure.

T: Turning customers’ ideas into reality when they order a bespoke boat.

Funniest memory/experience of running Fox Boats:

paula syred foxboats director


P: Receiving a lecture from my father on professionalism and two minutes later he went to do a hire boat handover and promptly walked off the end of the landing stage, leaving only his trademark bush hat floating on top of the water.

T: Thinking about my father’s mantra for boat painting: “Awkward bits, corners and ends and edges first” whilst I’m varnishing what seems like miles of wooden matching.

Something interesting/unusual about you:

P: I was born in March, however my birthday is in August!

T: I have boated in many areas.  Kayaking around the Twenty Foot loop for charity was a challenge, as it is a 26 mile trip!

Best thing about living in Cambridgeshire:

P: The magnificent sunsets.

T: Cycling through open spaces.

Vision for the future of Fox Boats:

P: To continue providing quality holidays and day trips for many years to come.

T: To be running the company when the Bedford – Milton Keynes waterways link comes to fruition putting us on a navigable circular ring.

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