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What’s in a name ?

Fox Boat owner Chris shares his thoughts on Fenland names throughout time. What’s in a name ? Fenland has been described by many nicknames over the years – and each one sheds a different light on various aspects of itsRead more ›

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5 Surprising Rewards of Choosing a Cambridge Boating Holiday

If you’ve never tried a boating holiday on the Fenland Waterways you may discover a number of unexpected benefits that make it a little different from your average canal boat holiday. Among Cambridgeshire’s attractive villages and cities is an impressiveRead more ›

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Canal Lingo Those Toe Rags Won’t Tell You About

In days gone by, those who couldn’t afford shoes or socks would tie a rag around their toes and feet as a make-shift sock. This ‘look’ was worn by scoundrels, criminals and thieves – hence it’s offensive connotations – butRead more ›

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