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What’s in a name ?

Fox Boat owner Chris shares his thoughts on Fenland names throughout time. What’s in a name ? Fenland has been described by many nicknames over the years – and each one sheds a different light on various aspects of itsRead more ›

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Top 3 Romantic Destinations on the Fenland Waterways

Are you planning to surprise your loved one this spring? Looking for something different to the usual ideas, gifts, hotels and breaks? Want to avoid staying in an overbooked hotel with dozens of other couples? The answer is to bookRead more ›

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Why You Should Hire a Narrowboat for the Day near Ely

Do you live in Peterborough, Wisbech, Ely or Huntingdon? Want to get together with some friends and family? Have you thought about hiring a narrowboat, just for a day? A relaxing boat trip on the Cambridge river network could beRead more ›

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Are Museums Ever Fun? The Answer Might Surprise You

Have you ever had a fun day out discovering English heritage, and visiting places that offer a kind of nostalgic magic? Don’t you just love it when an ancient building triggers your imagination and sends your mind time-travelling off intoRead more ›

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