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Boating on the Middle Level in May 1984 Part 1 with John Revell

Discover John Revell’s adventure narrowboating the Middle Level waterways back in 1984. This is Part 1 of 3. John purchased his first boat at the Shropshire Union navigated the River Nene including meeting lock keepers, eating at some of the best waterside pubs and decribes the things that did not go according to plan. John met Charlie Fox and moved his boat to Foxes Marina. Read more ›

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Quiz – An international hero with local connections

He was named after the fictional character – ‘the boy who never grew up’. A huntsman turned a conservationist, learn more how this well-known hero came to be the father of conservation, as well as his accomplishments. Take the Quiz…Read more ›

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Your Narrowboat Easter Holiday

  Spring time is not just about warmer days, daffodils and Easter eggs. For narrowboaters it means the start of the boating season, and on the Fenland waterways it’s time to untie our ropes and get back out there cruisingRead more ›

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Nene, Great Ouse and Middle Level Navigations – Points of interest, Places to visit

Mooring customer Chris Howes has shared his knowledge of the local waterways to assist our holiday makers, mooring customers and those navigators attending the St Neots Festival of water.  Chris is Chairman of the Inland Waterways Association Eastern Region andRead more ›

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7 Awesome Lessons That 2016 Taught Us About Narrowboating

  If you’ve been following our blog this year there’s probably not much you don’t know about how much we love exploring the Fenland waterways by narrowboat, but if you missed any of these articles here are just some ofRead more ›

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Seven Surprising Differences We Discovered Cruising the Middle Levels

I used to run a traditional pair of hotel narrowboats, Snipe and Taurus with my husband. We had a lot of routes that were standard fare – we did them regularly, and knew them really well, but every summer weRead more ›

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