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Middle Level Then And Now August 1984 With John Revell Part 2

Part 2 of John Revells Middle Level narrowboating adventure. John makes the Salters Lode crossing at low water. He navigates the fourty foot river, river cam, sixteen foot and hundred foot New Bedford. He compares the then in August 1984 and the now for places to eat and stop he describes the characters he met back in 1984.Read more ›

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Boating on the Middle Level in May 1984 Part 1 with John Revell

Discover John Revell’s adventure narrowboating the Middle Level waterways back in 1984. This is Part 1 of 3. John purchased his first boat at the Shropshire Union navigated the River Nene including meeting lock keepers, eating at some of the best waterside pubs and decribes the things that did not go according to plan. John met Charlie Fox and moved his boat to Foxes Marina. Read more ›

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The Best Moorings for Your First Night on a Narrowboat

How do you decide where to stop? How long will it take to get there? And where is the nearest pub or shop to the mooring? Read more ›

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Update on navigation licencing for Middle Level Waters

        Update on navigation licencing for Middle Level Waters Important Notice. The Navigation Advisory Committee have reviewed the position in relation to introduction of licences for Middle Level Waters which was due to take effect from 1stRead more ›

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Your Narrowboat Easter Holiday

  Spring time is not just about warmer days, daffodils and Easter eggs. For narrowboaters it means the start of the boating season, and on the Fenland waterways it’s time to untie our ropes and get back out there cruisingRead more ›

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Five Things You’ll Love About the Middle Levels

The Middle Level waterways are an unusual mixture of natural rivers and man-made canals in Cambridgeshire. When the Bedford Level area of the Fens was first drained in the 17th century, it created interconnected navigations that now link the RiverRead more ›

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The Middle Level Navigations – one boater’s view

Before reading this article further it is worth thinking back to 1984 when John Revell first visited the Middle Level Navigations.  In those days entry by boat to the system was restricted to boats of 49 feet in length because of theRead more ›

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Fenland Boaters’ Top Tips for Your Narrowboat Summer Holiday

If you’re planning a narrowboat summer holiday on the East Anglian waterways it’s fun to do a bit of online research before you go. There are a few Facebook groups dedicated to our local waterways such as Friends of theRead more ›

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Mooring customer John Revell talks of the Old Bedford river.

Waterways campaigner and IWA Peterborough Branch member John Revell talks about his latest campaigning trip on the local navigations. Lois and Roy Parker in their cruiser and Alastair and Jonathan Chambers and myself in my Fox narrowboat attempted to enterRead more ›

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The New Waterways That Narrowboaters Are Gonna Love

The Fens Waterways Link is something that’s going to really change boating for boaters around Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire. It’s the biggest waterway development project in Europe. The plan is to link Lincolnshire and the River Witham with Cambridgeshire and theRead more ›

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