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Boating on the Middle Level in May 1984 Part 1 with John Revell

Discover John Revell’s adventure narrowboating the Middle Level waterways back in 1984. This is Part 1 of 3. John purchased his first boat at the Shropshire Union navigated the River Nene including meeting lock keepers, eating at some of the best waterside pubs and decribes the things that did not go according to plan. John met Charlie Fox and moved his boat to Foxes Marina. Read more ›

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Charlie Fox Narrowboats: Where are They in 2021?

Does your boat have a distinctive bow? Do other boaters ask you, “What number is it?!” Are you proud to know the history of your boat? Then you may be the owner of a Charlie Fox narrowboat! Charlie Fox boatsRead more ›

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The Ultimate Canal Boater’s Christmas Gift Guide

If you and your family love canal boats and narrowboating, take the pressure off of this year’s Christmas shopping and check out these unusual stocking fillers and gift ideas for your loved ones. We’ve done the research and all ofRead more ›

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Charlie Fox Narrowboats: Where are They Now?

How long have Fox Boats been building boats? What is so distinctive about a Charlie Fox Boat? How many were built and where are they now? A select few narrowboaters on the English waterways share an exclusive and niche interestRead more ›

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Old Bedford river conquered!

Non tidal access to the historic Old Bedford River was lost in 2006 when the E.A. closed Welches Dam Lock, thus stopping access to a waterway that had been navigated for over 350 years. Since the closure various attempts haveRead more ›

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