Don’t Go On a Canal Holiday Without These 5 Kids Essentials

taking kids on narrowboat holiday

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Packing for a summer holiday is always exciting and you can get the whole family involved. But being prepared for any eventuality will make your holiday even more enjoyable, so check out our top tips of what extras to bring along when you’re boating with kids.

1) Journal or Scrapbook

Children can create a picture diary of their boating experiences including the boats, plants and wildlife they see, plus the historic bridges, buildings, tunnels and locks.

2) Camera

This is a holiday essential, not only to create lasting family memories but also as an activity for children: They may like to take photos to later stick in their journal.

3) Dressing Up Clothes

Younger children may enjoy being pirates and mermaids! Make up new names for yourselves and draw or make pirate flags. Bring cheap jewellery and fake coins to make some pirate treasure and hide it on board the boat somewhere. Think of an adventure story and act it out on board.

4) Activities

Board games and puzzles are good for bringing the family together on a rainy day. You could also bring along craft supplies and make things out of the sticks you find on the towpath. Check out The Stick Book: Loads of things you can make or do with a stick, by Fiona Danks.

5) Boat Related Activities

Try drawing and painting roses and castles, or learn to tie different knots with a simple book about knot tying. At bed time share a boat-related children’s story such as the classic Rosie and Jim books by John Cunliffe. D. H. Clacher has written a colourful series of books called Muddy Waters about a narrowboat that has adventures with his boat friends on various different waterways. My favourite children’s stories are the Bert and Betty books which depict a fictional boating couple who worked and lived on England’s canals in the 19th century.

Now that you know what to bring you can check holiday boat availability here.

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