Narrowboats: Is it Cold in Winter? The Answer Might Surprise You!

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(The Answer Might Surprise You!)

Have you ever wondered if it’s cold in winter, living on a narrowboat? I spent 13 years living on canal boats and during that time many of my friends were concerned that I was “roughing it;” imagining that I was living simply without any modern comforts. People would ask me if it was cold in winter, and whether living aboard was a bit like camping? But nothing could be further from the truth: Modern narrowboats are extremely comfortable. Here are four surprising creature comforts you will find on a Fox narrowboat.

1) Heating

Gas central heating is fitted on all of our boats, so being cold is not an option. While we don’t hire out the boats during the winter months, customers may like to use the heating during autumn or spring time holidays: The good old British weather can be a little unpredictable! The gas heating runs off of propane gas bottles that are supplied with the boat and are included in the price. You will notice wall-mounted radiators throughout the boat. (See the video below).

Upon your arrival you will also find the beds ready made up for you with freshly laundered sheets, duvets and pillow cases, so that your nights on board are always cosy and warm.

2) Entertainment

Although you might imagine a narrowboat holiday is the perfect time to go “unplugged” and recover from any smart phone addiction, you will actually find a 12v mobile phone charging point on every boat, plus WiFi and a USB charging point in the saloon! All boats are fitted with a 12v and 230v socket for charging mobile phones, laptop computers and camcorders.

You will also find a radio and CD player on board, a flat screen TV with DVD player, and a flat screen TV in the master cabin. So when you’re not out exploring the villages, towns and beautiful scenery you can relax in comfort on the boat.

3) Fine Dining

Don’t imagine that your meals on a boat have to go back to basics. The galley on board is fully equipped with a four burner hob, full sized oven, microwave, toaster, and 240v electrics. There is also a fridge with a small freezer compartment and beautiful Denby crockery, for serving up your culinary masterpieces. Just like at home you can order your groceries online and we’ll put them on board for you, ready for the start of your trip.

4) Mod Cons

Other surprising modern conveniences on board include a hoover and a hairdryer. All of our boats are fully equipped for your comfort during your holiday. Click here for a full list of what’s on board. The hire price also includes all fuels used (diesel and gas), VAT, car parking, towels and bedlinen.

Have a look around Silver Fox – a luxury narrow boat suitable for a family or a group.


Silver Fox – Narrowboat from Paula Syred on Vimeo


Right now the planks and poles have been removed from our hire boats and we’ve started our winter maintenance. Some of the UK waterways freeze during the winter, so before they do we “winterise” our boats by pumping the bilges, emptying the water tanks and switching everything off. (Read more: How Winter Threatens to Damage Your Narrowboat – 3 Ways to Protect Yourself)

So, yes it is cold in winter on a Fox Narrowboat, but only because they are not in use! For a holiday at any other time of year they are well equipped for a warm and comfortable luxury break. We are now taking bookings for the 2019 and 2020 seasons. Search narrowboat breaks.

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